New: Anthropic Claude Support

Content Generation

Kirby Copilot is your everyday AI companion for the Kirby Panel. It helps you to create content faster and more efficiently.

Generate Text Based On
Your Page Data

Bring Context to Your Prompt Party

User & System Prompt

Instruct the AI with a user prompt and shape the response format with the system prompt.

Kirby Copilot section preview

Fields as Context

Context is key for a meaningful AI response. Include content from other fields to provide more information.

Fields as Context


In addition to OpenAI GPT models, you can also use Anthropic Claude and Mistral AI models!

Process Images & PDFs

Add images and let GPT vision extract key information from them, or extract text from PDF files for your prompt.

Process Images & PDFs

Blocks, Writer & Text Fields

Yes, you can generate whole blocks. Tell the AI to segment the generated text into headings and paragraphs.

Summarize PDF Files
Directly in the Panel

Don't Take
Our Word for It

Try Kirby Copilot in the interactive Panel playground.